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BBB in Toronto
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Mod Club, Toronto (July, 14th, 2013)

Mod Club, Toronto (July, 14th, 2013)

Fans of the Israeli – American gypsy punk band (aka BBB), gathered at Toronto’s Mod Club on Sunday, July, 14th to enjoy a one – time show in the city, which was a part of the band tour in Canada.

If you like bands like Gogol Bordello or Manu Chao and you enjoy energetic concerts in small venues this would have been the perfect show for you. One might think that the excitement level on a Sunday night is low but once you hear the music playing and singer Tomer Yosef jumping on the stage you are glad you put your dancing shoes on.

It was difficult to find someone in the crowd who was just listening to the music. Everyone was in sync with the musicians, dancing, turning and banging the heads. Slower songs like “Dancing with the Moon” gave the audience a little break to catch a breath and get ready for the next fast tune. The concert seemed short and the encore even shorter. I believe Torontonians cannot wait until the next show in the city.

Comments like “mind blowing presence” and “unreal show” were left on BBB’s Facebook page by fans. After the concert I felt as if someone had switched my party mode to ON and I wished I could  travel along with them around the world in a gypsy caravan.

For those who want to continue dancing to the electronica-gypsy-punk sounds, Gogol Bordello Band will be at the Danforth Music Hall in August 19th and 20th.

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