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BBQ & the Mountain
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Being in the Sierra Nevada does good to your soul. I actually enjoyed visiting the mountains almost as much as I enjoy being close to the ocean and that is a lot to say. 🙂 Although I love nature I always preferred to be closer to the sea. Growing up, there was no summer in Cuba away from the salty water.

I was never a fan of small cities. I hated to be out of Havana for more than a couple of days. I like the invisibility that the big city gives you. It is nice when no one knows your name or your family out of your block. I have to admit that the Cuban capital sometimes felt like a small town as I had a rooster singing at weird hours in front of my own house but other than that I have always been happy seeing a lot of people and the noise was just music to my ears… still is.

Today we went into Orgiva again to check some stores out and I realized how everyone knows if you are an outsider. The town is full of British hippies who probably enjoy Andalucia’s weather more than anyone else. Ecological stores are owned and visited by British (I even bought British mustard), you see British people at the supermarket but these guys look all like permanent residents, they know each other and seem to live a good and peaceful life there.

Before leaving the Alpujarra this afternoon we had a pretty awesome BBQ outside our house. We had sandal weather and although we had to cope with some crazy cats trying to steal our BBQ meat the lunch was great. The best part of the menu consisted of ribs, longaniza and chorizo, from the grill to the plate.

Here I will leave some pictures of our rural house, just in case you need to run away from the big city for a few days.



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