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Benny More – “Maracaibo Oriental”
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There are certain tunes that I am sure we listen to and make our blood circulates our bodies and quickly put us to dance; or simply reminds us that we are from a particular part of the globe, no matter how far or how long we have been away.

Benny More is a true example of me feeling Cuban. My mom tells the story of me being a little girl and saying : – “Mom, I like that music”. Well, I still do and think this is one of the crazy geniuses of Cuban music. The man used to guide a whole orchestra without never going to a music school. He explored several genres from mambo to bolero. He will always be remembered as a Cuban master of the improvisation.

Benny passed away in his early 40’s and still left us many compositions. He could have done so much more with his talent and Giant Band. He is one of those musicians that you wish could have had a long and successful musical career.

In the year 2006, the Cuban director Jorge Luis Sanchez presented a film about Benny’s life. The movie was acclaimed for Cubans of all generations who recognize such an extraordinary artist.

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