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Broken Gods (Los Dioses Rotos)

I have been trying to catch up with Cuban films lately. Not necessarily new Cuban films but movies that have been released for a while now.

Broken Gods is a film from 2008, movie debut of Ernesto Daranas Serrano. I was interested in the cast (Silvia Aguila, Isabel Santos, Hector Noas, Patricio Wood) and even though Santos and Wood had a small role I enjoyed seeing all these great actors after a long time.

One of the main actresses, Annia Bu was also in 2008 in the Cuban comedy “El Cuerno de la Abundancia” (Horn of Plenty) This was the second time I saw her acting and being a young and recently graduated actress the role was well played.

The film can be found on youtube. I think it is worth to watch… linking legendary Yarini, the famous Cuban gigolo, with a current love story, portraying religion, prostitution and a side of Havana unknown for an university professor trying to finish her thesis.

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