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C is for Hot and M is for Women
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If you travel to a Spanish speaking country please be advised before entering a public washroom that M is for Mujeres (Women) and not Men. 🙂 You might not always find the classic boy and girl picture. You could also encounter D for Damas (Women) and C for Caballeros (Men). It is not that complicated unless you drink too much beer before getting used to the letter and make the mistake anyways.

I remember visiting Belgrade, Serbia back in 2006 and having to learn the cyrilic letter for Women. In Spain, I never thought of the possibility of mixing up the letters when looking for the bathroom but my hubby, who luckily speaks Spanish, kept making comments about it.

The same exact thing happened to him in the shower. C is not for Cold but for Caliente (Hot). We thought it was very funny and useful for a post about our trip.

While being with our friend from Canada and girlfriend from Barcelona we tend to switch languages all the time and the conversation goes half Spanish have English. Everytime we find a transparent word that means something completely different in the other language we crack with laughter. For instance: to molest someone in Spanish means to bug someone (verb in Sp: molestar). Another hilarious example is the English word “pedestrian”(peatón) which in Spanish sounds a lot like pederast… not a nice word either.

I could go on and on remembering examples. I promise to update as I go with the most common ones.


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