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I miss the road, I miss airports and train stations, I miss the sound of my backpack clips closing telling me we are ready to go, I even miss plane toilets… ok, maybe not plane toilets 🙂 I miss all this while we are doing what my husband calls: travelling within the city. He is […]

Today all Cubans celebrate “el Día de la Caridad del Cobre” (Lady of Charity’s Day). Some call it Caridad or Cachita, others call it Oshun and many, like me, by either name. I am happy I am wearing a yellow hoodie today without even thinking about it. Yellow is Caridad’s colour and many Cubans around […]

Every Cuban I know who lives out of the country sends money to their families in Havana, regardless of age, financial situation or how long they have been out the country. There is only one answer to this: no matter if you send $20 or $2,000 it is going to help the people you love […]

Esperando para ver el documental!

Después de un fin de semana soleado y caluroso ha vuelto el frío a Toronto. Yo que tenía como próxima tarea guardar las botas y sacar las faldas a la calle tendré que atrasar el inicio de “mi primavera” al menos una semana más. En días como estos, en los que el calor no parece […]

I am speechless. What will happen in Cuba? To be continued…

I was having a long conversation with a Cuban friend who recently moved to Canada. She is one of the “lucky ones” who benefited from the new Cuban immigration law which allows Cubans to travel without the exit permit card. This friend is a family doctor who had been waiting for three years to get […]

Every non-Cuban friend thinks that people in Cuba are already enjoying the recently activated fiber-optic cable, which finally connects Cuba to the fast internet world. I wish it was as easy as connecting a magical cable in order to bring enough speed to our relatives and friends on the island, at least enough speed to […]

Winter has really arrived. I know it when I start searching for random Cuban stuff on internet. This time, I found the singing of the endemic Trogon (Tocororo).  The video quality is not great but the sound makes your imagination fly and you think that you are lying on the green grass of a Cuban […]

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The majority of Cubans are pretty superstitious. It is funny and annoying at the same time. In order to understand Cubans we have to remember that their society is a mix of atheists, catholics and African religion followers. We have a strange combination of marxism, the Spanish church and West African roots. Some aspects of […]

Do we really know how many thousands of Cubans enter US through the Mexican border every year? It is known to all Cubans and probably many Americans and citizens around the world that Cubans are allowed in the American territory as soon as they reach either the Canadian border of the Mexican border. According to […]

The last blog entry about seafood in Hong Kong put me in a strange mood. Am I really an islander? I am not the only Cuban who ever wondered this, right? Perhaps I should rephrase the question because growing up on a piece of land surrounded by an ocean DOES make me an islander by […]