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Back in the 90’s in Havana, we used to listen to this song over and over… I have been listening to this forgotten band (at least for me)  in the last couple of days, especially after one of my friends reminded me of the musical quality of the songs.

Sucu Sucu (or Sucu Suco) was born in mid 19th century on Isle of Youth, Cuba. This rhythm, similar to son montuno, was created in a farm called La Tumbita, close to what we know as  Santa Fe town now. When I visited Cuba in November, I brought with me the CD “Mongo Rives y […]

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Lo que se suena en Cuba ahora son los tambores de Laritza…

Adiós, Octubre! Aquí estoy, escuchando esta preciosa composición para recibir el mes de Noviembre…

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I just watched this video that Raul Torres shared on his Facebook page. I wish I could go see him performing this November in Cuba.