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Cheddar Town, Somerset
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Since the first day we arrived in England we took advantage of the cheese and wine prices. These two “essential” for life products tend to be very expensive in Canada. Our love for cheese is well known among our friends so one of them thought it was a great idea to go to the town of Cheddar to see how the authentic Cheddar cheese is made.

We got to the city by bus on one of the coldest day this winter. We actually had snow falling while having a Ploughman’s lunch at the Galleries Inn, a pub right across the street where the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company is.

The trip to the factory was brief but very educative. You enter through the cheese shop having the chance to try different kinds of cheddar cheese, from mellow to matured in Gough’s cave! They have a room where you can see the process of the cheese and they have created a video for you to see all the steps summarized. Lots of old items involving cheese making were shown as well.

We also took the suggestion of going into Gough’s Cave, a place of great beauty and history, were Britain’s oldest skeleton, a mesolithic human, known as Cheddar man, was found. Although the snow was not stopping we headed up to see the cave. We had not much time until we had to get ready to return by bus to Bristol but the short travel to Cheddar village was not an ordinary one.

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