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Coco Taxis
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Since the end of the 90´s these “fiber glass coconuts” have added more colour to Havana streets and more noise, of course. 🙂

I have always loved coco taxis, even if they were brought to the city for tourist – only purposes and the ride fare is not particularly cheap for locals. Luckily, you could arrange a fixed price to your destination and enjoy the wind coming from the ocean. I would recommend to take main streets with a Coco Taxi since the less potholes, the better.

Tourists also love them. I guess it is the equivalent of going to Thailand and riding a tuk – tuk. I am sure I would choose it over a common taxi.

Many people think Cocos are Cuban – made but they are a Spanish design. Like a big paper mache moving art piece, Coco Taxis are a symbol of Cuba and small versions of them can be found at the craft markets for souvenirs.


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  1. Claudio Scipioni says:

    I would know where is made coco taxi for import in Italy.

    Thank you
    Salute import
    Scipioni Claudio

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