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Coppelia Ice Cream Parlour
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One thing I can say “Habaneros” have in common: we all love Coppelia.

Coppelia is without doubts or questions a symbol of Vedado and a special place for every Cuban from Havana City.  It is located in one of the busiest corners of  downtown Havana (L St. and 23rd Ave) only a few blocks from the ocean and the University of Havana, right across the street from Yara Theatre and Havana Libre Hotel.

Coppelia opened its doors in 1966 and my grandparents and parents always mention how the variety of ice cream flavours was incredible. I never experienced more than 5 flavours and have been lucky to get there on a very hot afternoon or starving after school to only find vanilla ice cream but I can say that the stories I have had there, are the same that any Cuban of any generation has had.

There are a few things that you need to know about Coppelia: It does not open on Mondays, the line ups can be huge (K Street line is shorter), you can end up sitting at the table with strangers (since the lines are so long they occupy all the sits of a table. Probably, you can exit the place with a new friend) 🙂

There is a person who takes care of the line (real Cuban style) and that person will let you cut the line if you are pregnant or of course, if you are his/her friend. I have a little tip: I can assure that Coppelia is emptier during soap operas times (between 9 and 10 pm)

To me, the true meaning of Coppelia is not the ice cream but the memories of sharing and having fun with friends in different stages of live. I can stop going, move to a different country, eat better quality icre cream and way more flavours and combinations but the “Vamos a Coppelia!” after Yara shows or on my way home after school was just priceless…

Things I do not want to remember or never would miss about Coppelia? Sticky tables and warm glasses of water… But I guess no memory of mine is perfect. 🙂






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