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Dancing with Kelvis… “each instant, every hour”
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“Where is Kelvis playing tonight?” This is a very common phrase I use when I visit Cuba after a long time.
Kelvis Ochoa is the perfect example of a Cuban guitarist, composer and singer with no academic training. He grew up in Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) listening to his grandfather playing the organ and surrounded by artists. He started writing poems and playing the guitar by ear.
For many years he was a member of Havana Oculta (Habana Abierta) a Cuban band settled in Spain, which reunites many musicians to create and experiment with the fusion of rock, son and other Cuban genres. He participated in the making of the soundtrack for the film “Habana Blues”.
Later, he created his own band and has released a CD with singer/composer Descemer Bueno. He continues collaborating with different musicians.
I like to think of him as the most Cuban of the young contemporary musicians in Havana. Blending conga, sucu-sucu, guaracha and improvising on the stage Kelvis forces you to move even if you think you cannot dance. His naturality, friendly and easy-going attitude while performing makes you feel at home.
His lyrics are relaxed, fun, optimistic and appeal to the majority of the Cuban public. He writes about love, friendship, music, popular street stories and it is impossible to confuse the sound of his songs and its content with another Spanish or Latin singer. His compositions have an undeniable Cuban stamp.


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