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Day trip to the city of Bath
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No matter how small European cities can be they have spectacular churches and buildings standing old and proud in every direction you decide to look at. You cannot go wrong choosing your walk, you know you will find ancient and terrific architecture anywhere you move. It becomes easy to explain why some of these cities live off tourism. They are just wonderful.

Our short train trip to Bath was a lot of fun and rewarding. The day was chilly but sunny. Our main purpose was to see Aquae Sulis, the Roman bath devoted to Minerva, but we also went to the Royal Crescent, the Georgian style residential building with an amazing view and crazy expensive apartments, I must say. The city is also known for its Jane Austen Centre, we just passed by due to timing.

Previous to our visit to the Roman bath we wanted to make sure to try a local pub and went to one called The Boater, very close to the Avon River. Our Bristolian friend had eaten there before and recommended the jacket potato but I went for the steak and kidney pie with chips.

The Roman Bath was actually larger than we thought. I was thrilled to see the heating and pipe system they used at the time. We spent over two hours looking at the museum and baths, cold and hot, on both sides of the main pool and the semi circular bath that was believed to have healing powers. We even tried the warm and not so tasty water from the hot spring, given to us on our way out. ­čÖé

It was not difficult to imagine and to get the colourful picture of the way things used to be in the past.


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