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From London’s Natural History Museum
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The Natural Museum of London opens its doors a little bit later on the last Friday of the month so I am sitting at their cafeteria at the moment, writing this post, within walls that are a real jewel of architecture.

When I arrived to the building a couple of hours ago the place was full with excited kids looking at the dinosaurs and other fossils along the way but what kept my eye instantly was the construction of the museum itself, the terracotta tiles, the ceilings with flora reliefs, the columns and the colourful glass windows.

One of the sections I enjoyed the most was the one with minerals. The gems and stones samples from all over the world is extensive. From the opals to the malachite I could see all my favourites stones. The pictures I took of the emerald and rubi do not show the real beauty.

I would highly recommend the exhibit of birds and dinosaurs. They have South American birds like the quetzal and the paradise bird. On the dino wing they have a Canadian representation of Albertosaurus and Edmontosaurus.

I have to cut the visit short due to other plans, Friday night plans… but I will add later some of the pictures I took this afternoon.

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