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Great Art for Free
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“Great Art for Free” says the sign outside the Tate Modern in London… Believe it or not it is the same free status with the Tate Britain on the other side of the Thames River and at the British Museum. These galleries encourage you to donate 4 or 5 pounds but if you decide that you want to see the collections free of charge no one is going to stop you. 🙂

I was specially happy today seeing the British School of Painting. I remember almost a decade ago I was studying English Art and fell in love with Turner and Constable. In Cuba, looking at the pages of an old book is as close as you can get from this paintings since at that time I did not even have internet. Seeing not one but all these originals is more than I could have asked of.

Fridays are also a great day to spend at museums in London since the buildings are closing late. Except for the Tate Britain which closes at its usual time, the British Museum and the Modern Tate are closing at 8 and 10 pm respectively.

Another good thing about having free museums is that if you can come back if you cannot see everything in one day, which normally would happen unless you spend the day at the gallery.

My next trip on Monday will be to the British Museum. Five stars to London for free museums!







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