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Havana in Toronto
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Cuban pianist Lazaro Valdes and his band Bamboleo had a show last Friday at Six Degrees Club in uptown Toronto.

After many years of success in the Cuban musical scene, the energetic Cuban band came to Canada to bring old salsa/timba themes, new reggaeton sounds and even some conga and guaguanco at the end of the show.

Being there, you could feel the Cuban and latin spirit of Toronto. It was not a full house but you could still admire people enjoying the dance and the rhythm.

It looked as if the all-ages Cuban crowd was waking up after the intense winter, letting the world know that they go wherever the good rumba calls them.

It was definitely the kind of performance where you get a bit of everything in the lyrics: how to shake your body on the dance floor, advice on how to make your boyfriend understand you when you get home at six in the morning and you still care for him, the so-called “relaxed” morality regarding all aspects of life and the long awaited songs about Afro-Cuban deities and their blessings for all devotes who live out of the sacred island.

On May, 26th the band of Cesar ”Pupy” Pedroso is playing at Toronto’s Opera House. After composing salsa pieces and playing for Los Van Van since 1969, Pupy created his own band in 2002 and his popularity has increased since then through tunes such as “Que cosas tiene la vida”.

For a band, a few hundred fans up in Canada should be as valuable as a hundred thousand audience in Havana. It is all about good music and people who need it.

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