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International Jazz Festival in Havana, 2011
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The dates for the Jazz Plaza Festival this year are December 15th to the 18th and it will be devoted to classical music.

I was going through their website and looking at the great list of musicians participating this year. The list is precious. A trip to Havana it is definitely not a bad idea! 🙂

I guess I will be reading the news in the distance and waiting to watch some videos on Youtube.

Jazz musicians like Y. Manzano, Lopez – Gavilan, Lopez – Nussa, and of course Chucho Valdes will be performing but there are also some presentations of other bands with jazz infuences like Interactivo, Afro-Cuban bands like Sintesis and many others.

It is a perfect time for music lovers and musicians to visit Havana and skip the resort experience. Plus, the fact that the event happens in December tourists do not have to deal with a unbearable hot weather, which is very convenient to go around the city.

I know some Canadians travel there for the event. Also, I have read that Insight Cuba has planned tours for Americans to go travel to Cuba for the festival.

I would totally recommend to cross the sea for this one.

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