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Kalemegdan Fortress
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kalemegdan belgrade


Kalemegdan is the oldest place in Belgrade, inhabited first by celts and baptized as Singidunum by Romans, its walls have seen the development of The White City throughout time. Looking at Sava and Danube River many generations of Serbians have found this spot to be their favourite in the city.

Besides the amazing view of Belgrade, the nice parks and places to sit and enjoy your free time outdoors the place can be visit 24 hours… there is no entrance, no gate, no fees which is absolutely fantastic, specially for locals. The downside of being so open is that it becomes difficult to maintain the place, there is no constant money from visitors being collected and you can see the lack of budget while walking around some parts of the fortress where really cool arches and walls have not been renovated in a long time.

The picture above is from two nights ago. We usually visit the fortress when the sun is out but the darkness of the night attracts many people too. You can cross the Dorcol neighbour walking his dog at 11 pm or a group of Italian tourists taking pictures and laughing.

Now that I have been there a few times I can recognize the best areas to picnic during the day or to drink a bottle of wine with some friends at night. It is just about time to do it…

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