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Lamma Island
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It takes 30 minutes and 20 HK dollars ($2.60 CAN/US) to get to Lamma Island by ferry. A quick metro ride to Central station and a short walk to Pier #4, where the Lamma ferries exit, assured us a outstanding afternoon on HK’s third biggest island.

When we arrived at the Sok Kwu Wan pier  it was lunch time already and we were starving so we tried to find a good menu for two at one of the famous seafood restaurants along the water. Because Lamma is a popular destination to eat seafood, some of the places are overpriced. We chose a menu at Tai Yuen Shark’s Fin Restaurant for 200 HK (26 CAN/US) for both of us that included a beer, white rice, a bok choy dish, some shrimps, two scallops and a steamed sea bass. It was probably one of the cheapest menus and we were pretty satisfied with the amount, the food quality and the service.

After our lunch we took a pave trail that takes you to the biggest village in Lamma: Yun Sue Wang, where there is another ferry pier. The view of the fishing boats and nature was gorgeous as we were going up the mountain. On a Monday afternoon, there is hardly any tourists or locals along the trail. In over an hour we passed by a group of three Germans and later two French guys who were going around taking pictures.


There are some signs for lookout pavilions were you can sit and enjoy the scenery.

Only until you get closer to the Hung Shing Yeh beach you start noticing more pedestrians, bikers and four-storey buildings in the distance. The sandy beach is stunning but the towers from the power station look quite out of place.

The village of  Yun Sue Wang has a considerable population of friendly expats who work on HK island and commute everyday. The small town has plenty of restaurants, bars and little shops. I believe we got to see the village at its fastest speed as it was 5:30 pm and everyone was out either running errands or coming back from the ferry station.

As children and parents were grabbing their bikes at the pier we were leaving Lamma Island on an empty ferry back to bright HK.


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