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London –> Toronto
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We are back to Toronto after spending eight fabulous days in London, UK. The greatness of London was increased by the fact that we had few really good friends around this time and we managed to see them and explore the city in the midst of the Diamond Jubilee craziness.

British are famous for being drunk at 10 pm and we were there to confirm it. Girls are walking with their shoes in their hands even before 10, puking on the tube, screaming. I even saw some women rolling on the floor, laughing  and talking to random people. I believe that the matter here is that there is a lot of alcohol involved and very little food. We had fun experiencing the four day off holiday that Londoners were happily celebrating and decided that yes, they love their queen. We found a small anti – monarchy demonstration but most of the crowd was cheering for the jubilee. I cannot get enough of London. It is so easy to breathe the big city air and do whatever you want, any day of the week, eat whichever type of food you crave, move from one hood to the next one and still think that you are downtown. I would come back in a minute but I am glad I will not be there during the Olympics.

We packed our bags and returned to Toronto as scheduled,  after almost five months. You know you are coming back to Canada when every other girl on the plane has a Lululemon outfit. I cannot stop saying that the Canada in the summer is just the Canada I love and miss. Everyone is so happy and excited when the sun is out. Lucky the ones who have their birthday in the summer, even Canada celebrates it on July, 1st! Currently, there are events and concerts all over the place (Iluminato, North by North East Festival). My first impressions now that I came back? The city is clean, the air feels fresh and I am very comfortable here.






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