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Not enough of Barcelona
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I always have a hard time leaving Barcelona and I believe it is due to the length of the stay in the city. The visits are always short and kind of rushed, besides in a town full of tourists it is difficult to find a special place and make it your own personal experience.

This time I walked a lot. I just walked and walked until I got lost or had to go somewhere to meet someone, that it is all I wanted. I did not even make it to Barceloneta and for a Cuban growing up beside the ocean going to a city by the sea and to touch the water is almost a ritual. I would have loved to spend sometime at the beach but I preferred to changed my normal route and just follow the little streets guiding me to fabulous spots in the Born and Ribera neighbourhood.

I saw the Palau de la Musica Catalana for the first time. While standing in front of it I realized how all the photos of the building that I had seen before made me think that the place was in a main street just to find that it is in a narrow road, another tiny road with an amazing construction. In Barcelona, you discover sculptures and great buildings just like that, you make a mistake, take the wrong path to get to your destination and something incredible is awaiting you.

One more time I left the city without going to Picasso museum or the contemporary art museum but I do not regret it. I ended up seeing tons of squares, street musicians, funky clothing stores and bars. It is nice to take it easy when you do not have much time and just to enjoy while you can.

Food wise I must confess I was missing Madrid. The portion sizes and prices found in Barcelona were not the best. Paying 5 euros for patatas bravas after being in Madrid it is just not right. I am spoiled now. I did find a good dorada fish dish for example, but that Barcelona is truly not my best food Spanish getaway is already proven more than once. The businesses in the area are focused in tourists who do not mind paying the price of charming BCN. I fully understand, the city is lovely, the architecture is superb and the climate and the ocean, like I’ve said before it is priceless.

On the other hand, the same way Desigual, Camper and other famous design stores can be really costly there is a whole sublime layer of small stores who sell great leather and clothing at a really inexpensive price, at least for a North American tourist. For instance, a good pair of Spanish leather office shoes or purse can be purchased for 30 euros. In Canada, for such quality and finish, you will not be paying less than a 100 dollars.

Even as a tourist there are places that so worth the price. The Sagrada Family is a clear example of it. Paying to go indoors the cathedral to see the stunning architecture and the work in progress and to go up to the tower is a unique experience. I feel the same way with any Gaudi building. This is really something brilliant that you cannot find anywhere else.

So I left Barcelona for now. I will have to return for more “crazy” times and more meet ups in front of Cafe Zurich.






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