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Novi Sad and Salas 137
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This past weekend we wanted to go on a day trip somewhere and agreed that Novi Sad was an interesting destination. The small city is in the north of Belgrade and internationally known for the EXIT music festival, which happens every year during the summer. A family friend drove us there in the morning of the hottest day of April and after a crazy night dancing at Klub Studenata Tehnike. After four hours of sleep our semi hangovers did not stop us from enjoying a nice walk from the city main square and Liberty Park to Petrovaradin Fortress. We sat down at a cafe at the fortress, looking at the Danube river and ocassionaly watching the events around us: couples celebrating their wedding, kids running or a waiter forgetting to bring a beverage.

The EXIT festival is set up at the actual Petrovaradin Fortress. I was surprised to see that the area is not all that vast and flat to welcome festival – goers. I must be spoiled or used to Burning Man spaces and huge Canadian concert places.

The visit to the small town was brief but from what we could see is clean and well kept. The streets were particularly active due to the coming elections. One of the political parties was holding a gathering at the public square.

Vojvodina is also famous for its dishes. The friend who drove us there knew of this restaurant at a big ranch named Salas 137. We ate the most amazing lunch outdoors. I will post some pictures of the incredible food we tasted. The tables are decorated with the purpose of creating the relaxed and traditional environment of the countryside. Every tablecloth, chair and table was different in style and colour. The items on the walls and furniture indoors were unique. The place has arrangements for weddings, business meetings and you can even rent a room if you wish to stay for a couple of days.

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