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Our second Catalan calçotada
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Two Calçotadas in less than two weeks! We have been partying it up the Catalan way! 🙂

This time our friends invited some people over to have a barbecue/calcotada and then to walk to the beach to end the afternoon. It was just another reason to get together for a couple of beers, glasses of wine and a good laugh. We cook chistorra, lamb and butifarra and there was no lack of pan tumaca, as usual…

I have met some pretty sociable and cool people on this side of the country. For all of those who believe Catalans are not that open and friendly… well, I can tell them they are wrong. Normally the south of Spain is the one who gets the medal for being relaxed and loud but hey, today we were at a table with a couple of Germans and British and the latin side of the table was the loudest, chattiest crowd. I was the only Cuban, also being famous for getting loud when excited with jokes, but the rest were just Catalans.

Tomorrow we are going to another BBQ by the beach and then we are heading to Barcelona for a few days. Apparently, everyone from out of Barcelona hates the city, but isn’t it always the case everywhere you go?


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