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Out in Tossa Town for the Carnival
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On one side the high season has not started in Tossa, most of the businesses are closed and the hotels are empty, you can almost hear the sound of summer when you look at all the buildings and the way the city is structured for tourism. Silent discos are waiting to be opened, restaurant terraces by the beach have no lights, the chairs are piled up everywhere until new vacationers arrive. Even the small old streets by the Tossa castle is deserted.

That is the Tossa de Mar we knew for the last couple of days. Yesterday night was a different story, we bought a few wigs and some make up and went out to see the carnival which runs throughout the month of February in Spain.

We thought it was going to be a small carnival with some comparsas scattered around considering the size of the city but when we got there the main street seemed to have every neighbour participating in the event, in one way or the other, the music was blasting and the road had confetti and pretty fancy dressed up dancers following their choreographs.

At the end of the main road judges were sitting evaluating the groups who were later slowly getting into a big sport pavilion set up to continue the party. Once in the pavilion everyone was also expecting to listen who the winner of the year was. The excitement was general, from kids to adults.


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