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Pedro Luis Ferrer
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Grandson of the renowned Cuban poet Raul Ferrer, PLF is a self – taught master of the guitar, composer and also a poet. Since 1969 he has performed professionally and experimented with traditional Cuban music like changui and guaracha but also has composed pieces por piano. He is an authentic Cuban musician and artist, conserving and renewing traditions.

His work is very popular and enjoyable for Cubans. To me, the name Pedro Luis Ferrer is equal to high – quality popular art. He is placed on a very special page of the history of Cuban music and culture.

His songs are filled with humor, love, festive subjects and social critique. His melodic and potent voice is unmistakable. Because of the theme of some of his songs, since the 90’s  he had to take his music underground and very rarely he has concerts in Havana. His CDs are not distributed in stores or presented on the media. He is definitely a very controversial musician in the Cuba of today.

He has toured in several countries with his band and daughter, gifted singer, Lena Ferrer.

Many of his songs have been interpreted by famous singers like Celia Cruz (guaracha:” Mario Ague”) or Miriam Ramos (“Mariposa”).

The song “Mariposa” was used as one of the tracks for the film “Before the night Falls”.

Some of his CDs are: “Pedro Luis Ferrer”, “Debajo de mi voz”, “En espuma y arena”, “100% Cubano”, “Rustico” ,”Natural” and “Tangible”.


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