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Picnic by the Seine
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Yesterday we had our first picnic by the riviere, the first one out of many this summer, I am sure.

A friend proposed to meet on the south bank, between the Pont de Sully and Pont d’Austerlitz as there is a nice space with grass around that area. We got there around 7:30pm with a baguette, a bottle of wine, olives, a round of camembert and chocolates. We found lots of Parisiens and tourists already on the picnic mood and more than one group of friends were celebrating someone’s birthday.

We sat on the grass for a few hours. From time to time, I would see the humongous touristic boats passing the river or would enjoy the view of the few weeping willows standing high and green. We mostly talk, eat and drink until past 11pm.

On the weekends they have salsa and tango dancing along the river and lots of individual performers.





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