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Playing now: “Tito”
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Tito play belgrade

This is a play about Tito which has been in stage for seven years, two times per month and although I do not understand Serbian I went to see it yesterday with my Belgrader boy. What it is past for Serbian it is still present for Cubans. Pioneers, Communist songs, pictures, medals, flags… I started dreaming about the day I could enter a Havana theatre to  attend a play about Fidel Castro. Who knows if the play is already written but sitting in someone’s drawer, waiting to be discovered.

The plays develops in a restaurant decorated with Tito paraphernalia, where three people gather there to celebrate Tito’s birthday. They interact with each other, sharing their memories and experiences showing how the presence of the dictator was permanent since childhood.

At the end of April a play about Che Guevara will be performed.


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