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Post # 300 – Cuban News
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Everyday of my life that I sit in front of internet I type the word Cuba to get the latest news or whatever is hot out there about my distant home. Sometimes I find some interesting article on an online newspaper, sometimes a small post on a blog (these are usually the most informatives and uniques) or a music video but most of the time our small Caribbean island does not make as much noise on the internet as we Cubans like to think.

Anyways, each day I sit waiting to read something recent or unusual or just the same old thing, trying to always keep myself close to my roots. Here are a few of the current news I have gotten from the web, people I know or the places where I move around… I wonder if I will have any pleasant surprises about Cuba by the time Post # 600 comes…

Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo left Cuba without seeing Cuban reality

Cubans got Good Friday off after more than half a century… as per Pope’s request

Cuban “ex” political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer detained again

Staircase collapses in Vedado building

President Hugo Chavez gets medical treatment in Cuba

Yoani Sanchez’s blog celebrated its fifth birthday

Young Cuban women seem to be more obsessed with breast implants, lip augmentation and fake nails

Cuban doctors are praised everywhere I visit

Nguyen Phu Trong visits Havana






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