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Raul Torres
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Speaking about him, Pablo Milanes has said: “Without a doubt he is the best of his generation in Cuba.  His voice, his personal style, his music, alongside the musical vanguard of the continent, his images and his lyrics in general make him one of the most solid young artists on the current Cuban scene.”

Raul Torres is one of those musicians that release a new CD and I celebrate. I still keep a tape of his CD “Candil de Nieve” somewhere in my house in Cuba.  This tape is probably 14 years old and I played it several times during my school days.

I thought of writing something about his music and songs after I saw him perform a couple of years ago in Havana. He returned to the Island after many years of living in Spain and came back to the Cuban stages and fans with great success, right after promoting the CD: “Maquetas de Platino”. We all realized that he did not lose his magic and tenderness.

His lyrics are pure poetry. His lyricism distinguishes him from the rest of the contemporary Cuban creators and gives him his own place. He incorporates rhythms and elements of jazz as well as African, Brazilian and, lately, rock music.

Pablo Milanes  recognized his talent and took him under his “wing”. Very often you would see them singing “Se fue” and “Candil de Nieve” together.

When I visited Havana in May, 2010 he had an amazing little concert at “El Sauce” and Pablo Milanes was invited and played a couple of songs with him. Their friendship and admiration for each other continues after all these years.

When I search his name on the web he does not really have the entire Internet buzz that he deserves.  It is also quite difficult to find high quality videos of his music online.

I am now on the slow mission of uploading the little videos of Torres I have from my last two trips to Cuba.


– “Candil de nieve” (1996)
– “Ala de luz” (1997)
– “Maquetas de platino” (2008)
– “Fenix de Cristal” (2010)

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