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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in Toronto’s High Park
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You are about to see a lot of flowers.

I had been waiting for the Robarts Library cherry trees to start blooming. I always have to pass the trees on my way to the gym so I was thrilled last week when I saw the pink flowers almost about the open.

Cherry Trees Robarts Library Toronto Robarts Library cherry trees

pink cherry flowers Robarts Library Toronto High Park Toronto Cherry Blossom

 I did not want to miss the famous cherry blossom at High Park this year and because I know it gets pretty crowded during the day I headed west towards the park around 5 pm.

The light was perfect when I got there. Torontonians of all ages had their cameras out, taking pictures from every possible angle. I include myself in the bunch. Here are a few of the photos I took with my phone. Run if you can make it there today or tomorrow, it is truly beautiful.

High Park Cherry Trees Kids Toronto Cherry Flower High Park Toronto

High Park Cherry Blossoms 6ba873a3ef51cf1e0775a9eb87c57081

These Japanese trees were planted in 1984 and were a special gift to the people of Toronto from Yoriki and Midori Iwasaki.

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