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On my way up to the office I saw a tourism ad about Cuba that read: “Old cars never looked better”. I chuckled for a second, rolled my eyes and thought about how much Cubans would like to have modern cars and how often they struggle when these heavy giants break in the middle of […]

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Yesterday I went to an open house for the first time. I am not looking into buying a home in Toronto (do not think I will for a while) but now with the beginning of the spring a lot of houses around my in laws’ place are going on sale. I decided to go out […]

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We took the metro (MTR) from Jordan station in Kowloon to Central station on Hong Kong island. The subway connection is great between the islands, the metro is clean and they have the fastest escalators I have ever seen. If you are considered tall in Europe you will quickly realized how many places are designed […]