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I was having a fun Sunday, sitting outdoors and playing board games with some friends when I realized that one of my friends from Cuba was calling me from “Mexico”. Instantly, my Sunday got better. I know this friend is currently in Havana, using the Viber account he once created in Mexico and that allows […]

Every non-Cuban friend thinks that people in Cuba are already enjoying the recently activated fiber-optic cable, which finally connects Cuba to the fast internet world. I wish it was as easy as connecting a magical cable in order to bring enough speed to our relatives and friends on the island, at least enough speed to […]

Thanks to my friends, my mother’s friends, who are mine as well and the friends of friends I can receive emails from my mom everyday. The simple action of starting your computer, write an email and click the send button does not exist in Cuba for most of people. For the last couple of years […]