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To reply, To forward, To send
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Thanks to my friends, my mother’s friends, who are mine as well and the friends of friends I can receive emails from my mom everyday. The simple action of starting your computer, write an email and click the send button does not exist in Cuba for most of people. For the last couple of years my mom has had no internet conection at work. She struggles with an extremely slow  intranet that in many occassions does not even function. She is only able to send emails to people inside Cuba who also have an .cu email address. About 8 years ago she had internet 24 hours a day, then a few hours a day, then a few days a week and finally someone higher up decided that some workers just do not need the access. The result of that is that she writes me an email, sends it to any of the friends who have a .cu account and internet conection and they forward the email to me. HA! simple and private, right?

But what happens is that sometimes you run out of friends, or out of luck, or out of both which could mean that the only friend who has internet at the moment could not make it to work, or her computer broke, or they have a problem with the server and the internet stops for several days. Who knows? Life is always exciting in Havana!

In the last couple of days we have been patiently waiting to get the mentioned “luck” back. Today I received the expected for.warded email from my dear childhood friend or should I say my current messenger?  I could get some news about my grandma, the Cuban heat and all the affection coming from a mother who lives far from her daughter. My friend provided her with my lines and everything went back to normal, or at least “Cuban” normal.

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