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The Big B in Bristol’s Cori Tap
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The Coronation Tap is a ciderhouse in Clifton village. Our friends wanted to take us there to try their famous exhibition cider, only available at their Tap. I have never been a big fun of cider. In Cuba, the bottled sidra that you can purchase is very bad, they probably get the cheapest cider from Spain and in Canada the Strongbow brand can be found at stores in cans, but I never liked it.

The west country is very popular for its ciders so I decided to give the drink a second chance when I got here. After trying a couple of good apple and pear ciders at home (Thatchers brand) I was ready to try the 8% alcohol Exhibition Cider.

The place is small and cozy, as per my friend it was “like being in a Lord of the Rings movie”. 🙂 When we arrived at the venue we quickly realized that the jazz band playing was amazing. The musicians were fabulous and playing altogether seemed like a perfect match. The Big B was the name of the band and they were a cool bonus for us first time visitors. As a matter of fact, I think that the good jazz plus good cider combination works like a miracle for me.

I also liked the Stowford Press Cider very much. This one you can buy at other pubs so I have to remember the name.

Just for fun and knowing how picky I can be with cider, my Canadian – Bristolian friends gave me to taste the Cheddar Valley cider which had a horrible smell and taste. I guess you can please each palate around.

If you ever get to The Cori Tap in Bristol, please do not forget to take a look at the old tap rules. They have a sign listing the “six nos” from a previous owner. Awesome!!! lol



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