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The Empire State of… Anything :D
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I just came back from my first trip to the Big Apple. But, after four days or a lifetime, can you really say that you have lived New York? I feel this envy now towards Newyorkers…

My dad advised me of this more than 20 years ago: -“New York is the coolest city because there is a place for every taste. You can do whatever you want! Whatever you are looking for you will find it there!” – Damn you, New York! You are more like a PineApple, the King of the Fruits! Now I understand! And I had to wait almost 30 years to meet you. I cannot afford to love you! But I console myself thinking that If you take me into your arms I for sure will not sleep ever again. ­čÖé

Most of the time I stayed in Manhattan except for a few hours spent in Brooklyn for a dinner. I did several of the touristy things to do : Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, Empire State building, Times Square, Chrysler and Flat Iron building, pictures of the bridges, MoMA and Guggenheim museum.

As a good Cuban I had to go to Central Park and take a picture with the famous Jose Marti statue. I listened to the Mingus Big Band at Jazz Standard, stopped at Artichoke for a pizza slice and went to one of the bars at the Village for some live music.

My plan was to walk around as much as possible, depending on the weather since it is February.

I have to say that I froze myself but going around was my favourite thing to do. People are friendly, helpful, open to start a random conversation after you ask them for directions. I loved it. Hearing to half of the population speaking Spanish was a total amusement. I was so happy to hear all kind of accents and very surprised to see subway adds in Español. I suppose I am too used to Toronto now.

A friend recommended a few places for the best coffee, only could try two places because I kept coming back everyday to Joe’s at Grand Central Station. Great suggestions can be found on the internet.

If you do not enjoy a crowded city with all its chaotic moments, dirty and old subway, invasion of your personal space, super tiny apartments downtown (unless you have the bills for something bigger) you will not live in New York, but I think it definitely deserves a long visit. I am probably not adding any more fame to a city that is already popular and amazing but I loved every single craziness happening there from the street dust to the subway rust. I am eagerly waiting for a second trip.

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