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The Europe trip is a few sleeps away…
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Another six days and we will be out of Toronto again, this time we are crossing the Atlantic to go to England for a couple of weeks (London and Bristol) and then SPAIN FOR TWO MONTHS!

This is a set plan that has been a part of our dream for a while now. We have very good friends to meet in the old continent and that are waiting for us as impatiently as we are.

But first we have had to take care of all the little annoying things that have to be done before a long trip, from dentist appointments to fixing documents and leaving everything in order. I have been taking driving school, dealing with Cuban paperwork that has to be ready for the summer and visiting friends constantly.

Packing is the last stage of taking care of things so we will start doing so very soon. Spring clothes have to be replaced by winter outfits, gloves have to be packed instead of hand warmers, and all the camping shoes and Burning Man shorts have to be put away until further notice. 🙂 We are planning to travel with not more than 18 kilos per person so we will have to shrink our belongings a bit more.

I am trying to hide my excitement by not telling people all the time that I cannot wait for this trip. Even though this life style we have chosen for a while seems to be all easy peasy and friends comment about how lucky we are because we are able to do this I have to say that it requires a lot of planning and sacrifice. This is the type of living you can achieve ONLY when you really want it. We wanted it really bad and that is why we got rid of our apartment, I quitted my job and we left the city back in August. It is not an easy thing to do, it is exciting for sure but you have to be ready to live out of a backpack and to call home the place where you sleep.





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