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The medieval, wonderful, tiny town of Pedraza
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I am convinced that Spain radiates beauty everywhere you go but the more I see and discover the more I am amazed with the country’s architecture, landscapes and history.

Today we drove to Pedraza, the car travelled like a time machine taking us to the 11th century in Spain, a small town in the province of Segovia, with less than 500 residents and astonishing views of the snowy mountains. The city is well kept and cutely arranged to attract Spanish tourists but walking there on a Tuesday afternoon truly felt deserted. We found several people dressed up in medieval outfits who were extras for a TV series called Toledo which is currently being shot.

We strolled around a little bit, looked at some stores with tin craft, wooden furniture, silver jewellery and leather items. A few shops with local jam, liquor, chocolate and bread could be found. We sat at the “El Corral de Joaquina” to enjoy a real Castilian lunch with cochinillo asado (roasted suckling pig).

I want to show some photos of  the castle, houses and specially door knockers and traffic signs that I found to be really unique.

The town entrance was definitely my favourite place.

I could not capture with my camera the true natural beauty of the area . 😀


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