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The Parisian Time: Day 1 & 2
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Air Transat notified us in Toronto that the plane was not going to leave at the scheduled time. After a five hour delayed flight we arrived safely in Paris. I managed to sleep a bit thanks to an empty seat beside me. I was so happy to be able to return to Paris after almost three years that nothing mattered, really.

My first visit to Paris in September of 2009 was an intense experience. The city was more charming and stunning than I could ever imagined. It was as stinky as people advised, though. 🙂 I took the pee aroma as a sign that you could still drink on the streets. I kept trying not to step on all sorts of fine lines of water running down the sidewalk and that was enough for me. I absolutely loved each city building, street, metro station and bridge.

Getting lost in Paris is a blessing. Comfortable shoes will definitely help you through the never – ending stroll. On Saturday night we ended up having crepes and beer very close to our studio. We are renting a tiny studio in Montmartre, just a few steps away from Sacre Coeur Basilica. On Sunday, we burnt our shoes, like we say in Cuba, as an indication of non – stop walking.

We decided to buy some groceries and get our Internet sorted out but apparently we are too North Americans to remember that most stores are not opened on Sundays. We just walked until our feet could not take us anywhere else. At the end of the day, once the happy hour started (5 euros a pint), we found that most of the places were packed. Finally, we passed by a convenience store, got a couple of beers and waited for the sunset at the Sacre Coeur Park. A perfect picture to begin our stay in Paris.

Now, back to practicing French. À Bientôt.




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