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Traditional Pitarra Wine from Extremadura
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I have a little bit to write about this Spanish wine I tried for lunch and thought it was really good. I am not a wine connoisseur but here is the piece of info I gathered, while drinking it. 🙂

A pitarra is a clay container or “tinaja” used to store wine in the old days. Pitarra wine is very particular for its fruity and soft flavour, dark cherry colour and history. The grapes used in the elaboration of this wine are tempranillo, parda, alarige and cayetana. Until not so long ago it was only available in the area of Extremadura, only consumed as a family wine, not commercialized. Nowadays it can be purchased outside the region but the yearly production is not large.

The brand I tried is called Pitarra Madrila. I prefer red wine so this one was a “tinto”. There is no doubt that this is the type of wine we should be looking for locally once we start travelling south. 😉




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