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Today I remembered Bavaria – Dragones Restaurant in China Town, Havana. 

When I started dating my husband we gathered with a couple of friends to go eat at this popular restaurant that at that time was famous for its well loaded pizzas.
Living in Cuba your brain will normally skip the analysis of “going to China town to eat Italian food at a restaurant that has a German name”. Funny enough, many Cubans like me have been going to this part of the city for a long time now just looking forward to the desired pizza.
For many years in Havana, Chinese could get the authorization to open restaurants and even some small stores where you could buy food and drinks at a cheaper cost. The price difference was not that much but it could help to buy that extra gouda cheese you were dying to get.
Since state run restaurants are either too expensive or too poor in quality China Town businesses managed to attract a big chunk of clients and to even increase the food prices over the years. Working as a waiter at any of this restaurants or bars would for sure place you on a higher economical status in Havana.
One of the most visited ones by my friends were Los Tres Chinitos and Mi Chin Tan. Nowadays I lost track so will have to do some research and bring some fresh news.
I will probably bring some updates this summer. I want to try some of the new paladares (private restaurants) that have been opened lately after the new regulations permitting new business.
Either way, I should probably mention that to be able to eat at any of these restaurants you need a fat pocket, probably more than a regular Cuban salary.

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