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Wet snow, black ice and grey days with good friends…
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I am back to Toronto and its surroundings for a few days now and I still feel like a stranger in the city. I am enjoying my time here after four months of absence but not having our old place downtown makes me feel disconnected from the Toronto I am used to. It is amazing how coming back to a city can make you feel at home but there is also the home that you know what makes  it even warmer.

At this moment I feel like a visitor with my memories packed in boxes. I feel happy, though. I am convinced that travelling around is the right decision, what we need in our lives right now and we are looking forward and getting ready for our trip to England for two weeks and then Spain for two months.

We have been spending a lot of time with family and friends, defying the snow and the cold temperatures, we have been around day and night going to the theatre, bars and visiting people. I am excited about the coming days since I still have to meet some of my co-workers and other friends.

I miss my family in Cuba. These days are usually tougher as everyone is on holidays and gathered together celebrating, drinking and eating. 🙂 While my folks in Cuba roast a pig in the backyard and prepare rice and beans, plantains, yucca and who knows how many desserts I will be in Kensington Market waiting for the new year. About ten of us are getting together to party tomorrow, Toronto style…and then, TTC style at 4-5 am. You cannot get more Torontonian than that.





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