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Qee Yoga Centre in Paris
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I have been going to the Qee centre in Paris for over a month. I was looking for yoga classes and a friend gave me their website since she had been attending to prenatal yoga classes there. The place is only a few stops away by metro from where I am staying in Montmartre and I also was happy to find that they offer Iyengar yoga classes.

The best thing about the place is the variety of classes. Now I have finally tried Pilates and Pilates Ball. I would have never signed up for a Pilates class as I enjoy yoga too much and I am always looking for yoga centres.

The location is convenient, the place is clean and the environment and the staff are nice. The classes last an hour and they are not particularly cheap (they can be as expensive as 20 euros if you do not buy a package) but I still have not found anything cheap in Paris beyond cheese and wine.

Besides helping my back and flexibility these classes are improving my French vocabulary. I have been learning new words every time, although sometimes I seem lost and I get the question: – Tu es francaise?


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