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I have been going to the Qee centre in Paris for over a month. I was looking for yoga classes and a friend gave me their website since she had been attending to prenatal yoga classes there. The place is only a few stops away by metro from where I am staying in Montmartre and I also was […]

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The Chateau of Versailles does not need introduction, both the buildings and the gardens are known of their beauty and opulence but overall for their importance in history. Lots of tourists visiting Paris leave a day aside to spend it at Versailles. It is very well connected to the city by the RER train line […]

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The Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most visited spots in Normandy. The gorgeous nature plus the stunning architecture of the place creates a perfect medieval environment in your head. I could imagine the solitude felt at this monastery many centuries ago when the weather was terrible and the access depended on the tides being […]

A big reason to love France and to begin working out as soon as possible: FOOD! I particularly like crepes and since I got to Paris I have bought them both at street stands and creperies. Tonight we went to Creperie Josselin, a great endroit for crepes and cider. They do not seem to have […]