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Shek O Beach
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It takes 70 minutes from Jordan station to Shek O beach by public transportation. In little more than an hour you can be in a warm and stunning Hong Kong beach.

The double-decker bus ride itself shows a nice view of the rocky mountains and the blue ocean.

The popular area is crowded on weekends so it was nice to be there on a Monday as the beach was almost empty. The only issue I found with this location is that the water had a lot of garbage. Pieces of nylon,wood and plastic were floating around me. I even saw a shoe that later moved to the shore.

There are some restaurants and bars not to far from the sand and a few lifeguards were on duty.

Closer to the sunset some couples started arriving accompanied by photographers to take wedding and engagement pictures. Quickly, we were surrounded by more couples posing and kissing so I watched them for a while.

The beauty of this beach is undeniable. The lovely pictures speak for themselves.




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