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It takes 70 minutes from Jordan station to Shek O beach by public transportation. In little more than an hour you can be in a warm and stunning Hong Kong beach. The double-decker bus ride itself shows a nice view of the rocky mountains and the blue ocean. The popular area is crowded on weekends […]

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I normally do not complain about unpleasant things around me like loud music/people or filthy streets or having a poor quality lunch. Because I grew up in Havana, my complaints are very different from the first world ones. I am “trained” to not to get obsessed about buying a new purse or the latest anti […]

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Having a BBQ in a small beach, completely empty, surrounded by good friends is a nice state of things… very nice… specially when it is sunny and you have been away from the sea in a couple of months. The beach is very close to our friend’s house and it is a part of the […]

Today the weather has been incredible in San Fran! I left the house early to go for a class of Monkey Conditioning in Oakland. Knowing that the East Bay is warmer I was not surprised of the nice weather but when I came back to the city it was not only sunny but hot like […]