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Turning and Falling… Canuck Style
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Canada is a festival of colours in the fall. Nature puts on a free show for us every year so even if you are not an outdoors person it is worth to watch at least once.

This year we finally rented out a car and left the city for a day to go to Algonquin Park. Until last weekend, I had seen the autumn only in the city, which is pretty good as Toronto has a lot of trees and green spaces like High Park, but nothing compares to being in the wilderness, filling your lungs with the freshest air and boosting your mood while looking at the bright colours. We all know how much colour can influence our mood. I was in paradise.

Red is my favourite colour and maple tree is one of my favourite trees so perhaps I moved to the perfect place after all. I did not make it to see the reds as their peak happened the week before but we got there at the right time to see the peak for the yellows and oranges (birches and poplars). I love how the Algonquin Park website has a “Fall Colour Report” for you to check for leaf viewing.

Maples had almost completed their fall, the ground was covered in leaves, making what I like to call the Canadian carpet.

The park was packed with tourists. School buses and tourism buses were parked along the road, at the beginning of the trails. I could not help but notice that most of the visitors were Asian (not sure if coming to Canada just to see the autumn (?) or just Canadian citizens of Asian origin), for a moment there I thought I was back in China.

I also noticed that the autumn day guide was translated in Chinese, Korean, Dutch… but no Spanish. I wonder how they decided this. I am not trying to complain ;)… I am only curious.

Algonquin Visitor Centre On our way to the parkLake Gate  


We stopped by an art gallery and visited a very interesting painting exhibit. I particularly enjoyed the work of Maya Eventov (left).

Maya Eventov (detail) Gurevich






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