Life, Culture and Travels from the perspective of a Cuban

Today, the American Thanksgiving is celebrated and all the ovens are working hard cooking the family’s turkey. The owner of the house where we have been staying in SF for the last two months is born and raised in the city and I enjoy having all kind of little chats with him about Cuba and […]

Hunting for a Sunday coffee on the Mission after an early yoga class at Hanuman Centre turned out to be better than we thought. When I first walked down 24th street the number one thing that called my attention was the MacDonalds on Mission St. The outdoor decoration is not like any McD I have […]

Acroyoga is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. The practice has been around for about eight years. First time I saw a group of people practicing Acroyoga was at Burning Man Festival last year. The poses and changes looked so cool to me. Besides the physical exercise, the improvement of your core strength and flexibility […]

The weather is changing radically in SF. Unlike Toronto, the leaves did not turn red, the snow is not about to come but the wind is stronger and the cloudy afternoons are now more common. Today we went up Buena Vista Park. It was about time as we live very close and have walked around […]

Last night I survived my first Hot Yoga class. I am using a Living Social promotion that allowes me to go for 20 classes. The deal is unbelievably good and I can finally see what this famous Bikram yoga is all about. There are so many types of yoga classes and studios to practice in […]

Since I am in San Francisco I get to speak Spanish often and that makes me really happy, almost as happy as finding what they call in the market “Latin Foods”. In downtown Toronto the Spanish influence is very poor or nonexistent. You can get a variety of stuff at a small Latin American store […]

I am sitting at home after seven days of non stop going around sunny San Francisco in the company of two great friends, one coming from Toronto and the other visiting from Paris. On the way to the airport I asked one of them to tell me three words to define his impressions of the […]

Lately I have been taking advantage of the Groupon Deals and Living Social promotions  for the much needed yoga. Every time I check there is some kind of yoga membership for $20 for 15 or 20 classes. There is so much to try out there. I have been going to the Yoga Centre Toronto, near Yonge […]

A super hot day and a seven hour walk has ended. I have been going around so much this Saturday that I thought I was going to faint. I didn’t want to stop and I started wondering if all those nice neighbours saying Hi to me were going to pick me up from the sidewalk. […]

Today I woke up to a cloudy morning, went food shopping before noon and rushed back home (third floor room) to endulge myself with hot cocoa and cookies. I was planning on doing some reading but only after seeing the news for five minutes my friend from Madrid contacted me on Skype. We have been […]

This Saturday and Sunday I did not go downtown at all. I guess that what kept me away from the centre movement was Haight St. I am sure that enough has been said about the Haight Ashbury hood in the decade of the 60’s and 70’s. People might not know much about SF but they […]

On Sunday, October,9th we danced to the playa music again and got a bit of the vibe from Burning Man, the last bit of energy for 2010. The Decompression Party was probably a 1% of what Burning Man is, a small replica of the most amazing festival and party in the world. The crowd was […]