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I have put together a new list to show all the favourites I have found in Belgrade City. Yum yum Njam Njam. 🙂 1-) Iced Coffee This summer drink took over Belgrade and I am now addicted to it. The ingredients in this area are coffee (Nescafe or espresso), milk, ice cream, whipped cream and […]


One of my favourite Spanish dishes are Huevos Rotos (Broken Eggs). The preparation is very simple and the result is pretty rewarding. All the ingredients that you need are olive oil, potatoes, eggs and any cured meat of your choice. Ham and chorizo are my top options. Something salty or spicy puts a lot of […]

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Yesterday I went to visit some friends who were celebrating their Slava (a Serbian orthodox tradition in which families celebrate their patron saint’s day). Although I have been among Serbians for many years and I have heard of Slavas here and there I never attended one. The guests usually bring flowers and wine. Once they […]

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The pictures shown are from a Roman portrait exhibit at Kalemegdan Fortress that we went to see today. The place itself is as interesting as the second century artefacts they have displayed. From what I could quickly find out at the beginning of 18th century, Barutana (the part of the fortress where the exhibition is […]

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This trip to Belgrade has been a preparation for the trip to Havana in June, an introduction to Cuba after two years. Sometimes I do not realize how much this Serbian city reminds me of my homeland, or perhaps many times I prefer to ignore it and just look at the pretty side of things. […]

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May 1rst is a holiday in Belgrade. Unlike Cuba, citizens do not go to the Revolution Square waving the national flag. That kind of Worker’s Day celebration is history here. This morning the streets were completely empty and later the radio announced that the artificial lake, Ada Ciganlija, was absolutely packed with people. It does […]

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If you are visiting Belgrade for more than a couple of days the visit to Avala Mountain is a must.  The drive is short, about 16 km from downtown, so the destination is perfect for locals who want a quick escape from the city noise and pollution. When a friend heard us planning to get […]

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kalemegdan belgrade

  Kalemegdan is the oldest place in Belgrade, inhabited first by celts and baptized as Singidunum by Romans, its walls have seen the development of The White City throughout time. Looking at Sava and Danube River many generations of Serbians have found this spot to be their favourite in the city. Besides the amazing view […]