Life, Culture and Travels from the perspective of a Cuban

The Canadian passport gave me the freedom I had always wanted. Since I became a citizen and applied for it, I have crossed borders and traveled the world without worries. I have been welcomed in Spain with a smile, a stamp and no questions (when only a year before I had gone through the long […]

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Don River Gerrard Toronto

Every time we go out in Toronto we tend to go towards the west of the city. We frequent areas like Spadina China Town, Kensington Market, Annex or Queen West. There is a whole east side of town that we rarely walk or visit, the Gerrard Street East neighbourhood. Perhaps, it was never all that […]

“¡Destacada no, vanguardia! Pero eso a mí no me importa para nada.”- me responde mi madre en un correo. Mi mamá ha sido destacada y vanguardia tantas veces que ya otro reconocimiento más en su centro de trabajo no es noticia. Qué noticia puede ser algo que al final no le ha resuelto nada en su vida? […]

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"No se adaptan al frio"/"They cannot adapt to the cold"

    This winter has been the toughest I have experienced (my winter history goes back to 2006) and it seems we will be surviving it until April. Great White North fun is not over yet. Today, we have -11 degrees Celsius (12 F) and everyone is out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We are only […]

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Algonquin Visitor Centre

Canada is a festival of colours in the fall. Nature puts on a free show for us every year so even if you are not an outdoors person it is worth to watch at least once. This year we finally rented out a car and left the city for a day to go to Algonquin […]

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Butterfly in love

Here are a few of the pictures I took at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory. The place is small but you can spend a long time there 🙂     

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Summer is the best time to visit Toronto. There is not enough time to cover all the city events, from Luminato to the Beaches Jazz Fest, it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes the events are happening at the same time and you have to quickly decide what to attend. One of the events or celebration that called […]

Bautizada por una cubana como Raspadura China

Finalmente me paré delante de lo que siempre había creído era una especie de raspadura china y me dije: “Hoy es el día!” Desde hace unos meses quería saber qué era esto que venden como azúcar prieta o morena pero que viene compacta, muy similar a la raspadura cubana. La idea de comprar un bloque […]

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Robarts Library cherry trees

You are about to see a lot of flowers. I had been waiting for the Robarts Library cherry trees to start blooming. I always have to pass the trees on my way to the gym so I was thrilled last week when I saw the pink flowers almost about the open.      I did […]

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Yesterday I went to an open house for the first time. I am not looking into buying a home in Toronto (do not think I will for a while) but now with the beginning of the spring a lot of houses around my in laws’ place are going on sale. I decided to go out […]

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Cornelius Krieghoff Canada painter art

A couple of days ago I went for the Free Wednesday at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is Toronto’s fine art museum. Every Wednesday afternoon, from 6pm to 8:30pm, the permanent collection can be visited free of charge and also a few of the temporary exhibits. The rain, probably encouraged tourists and local to […]

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Starbucks Coffee is the place to hate or to love. For many North Americans, Starbucks is an evil company which chokes small businesses, takes over every single popular city corner, sells overpriced coffee and attracts the rich and non – adventurous customer. People like to make fun of tourists who do not feel comfortable trying […]