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Algonquin Visitor Centre

Canada is a festival of colours in the fall. Nature puts on a free show for us every year so even if you are not an outdoors person it is worth to watch at least once. This year we finally rented out a car and left the city for a day to go to Algonquin […]

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Butterfly in love

Here are a few of the pictures I took at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory. The place is small but you can spend a long time there 🙂     

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Robarts Library cherry trees

You are about to see a lot of flowers. I had been waiting for the Robarts Library cherry trees to start blooming. I always have to pass the trees on my way to the gym so I was thrilled last week when I saw the pink flowers almost about the open.      I did […]

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Hung Shing Yeh Beach Lamma Island Hong Kong

It takes 30 minutes and 20 HK dollars ($2.60 CAN/US) to get to Lamma Island by ferry. A quick metro ride to Central station and a short walk to Pier #4, where the Lamma ferries exit, assured us a outstanding afternoon on HK’s third biggest island. When we arrived at the Sok Kwu Wan pier […]

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It takes 70 minutes from Jordan station to Shek O beach by public transportation. In little more than an hour you can be in a warm and stunning Hong Kong beach. The double-decker bus ride itself shows a nice view of the rocky mountains and the blue ocean. The popular area is crowded on weekends […]

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This weekend flew by for me. I wanted to go to one of the HK sandy beaches for at least half a day and I kept waking up late and getting lost in the concrete city. The unexpected highlight of the weekend came yesterday when a friend from HK recommended us to visit Lantau Island […]