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I am sitting at home in Havana writing this post on a notepad. Hopefully I will be able to post it on Internet soon. The summer rain kept us in the house today. The Cuban sun has filled my heart with joy in the last couple of days although I have to say that the […]

  Today I remembered Bavaria – Dragones Restaurant in China Town, Havana.  When I started dating my husband we gathered with a couple of friends to go eat at this popular restaurant that at that time was famous for its well loaded pizzas. Living in Cuba your brain will normally skip the analysis of “going […]

Today I met with one Cuban friend who has been living in Toronto for more than a decade. We decided to get together as I will not have too many opportunities to say Bye to her before my trip to SFO. Each time we meet, unfortunately not very often, we end up laughing, screaming, laughing […]

El Cristo is a very famous statue of Christ in Havana that faces the city from the little municipality of Casablanca, right across the bay. This 20 mt Carrara marble sculpture has been watching Havana’s day and night since 1958. If you enjoy photography, this is  one of the places where you can have a […]

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Some days I cannot take Havana out of my mind. If feels like I am losing something really precious to me and there is nothing I can do about it. Trying to fight that feeling back would be like trying to fight time and distance so I get somehow pessimistic. Today was one of those […]

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Since the end of the 90´s these “fiber glass coconuts” have added more colour to Havana streets and more noise, of course. 🙂 I have always loved coco taxis, even if they were brought to the city for tourist – only purposes and the ride fare is not particularly cheap for locals. Luckily, you could […]

The apperance of “almendrones” (big almonds) in Havana seemed to relieve a bit the problems with transportation that the city has always suffered. In a city of more than two million people reaching your destination can be tedious as buses do not show up very often. Almendrones are American old cars that are used in […]

One thing I can say “Habaneros” have in common: we all love Coppelia. Coppelia is without doubts or questions a symbol of Vedado and a special place for every Cuban from Havana City.  It is located in one of the busiest corners of  downtown Havana (L St. and 23rd Ave) only a few blocks from […]

A new Guinness record has been established by cigar maker José Castelar Cairo (Cueto) who rolled a cigar of 81.10 mts to be presented at Fitcuba (International Tourism Fair) in Havana. Cueto has been rolling cigars for half a century, already has four Guinness records, he got the last one in 2008 for rolling a […]

Not too many people know how much I have  disliked the construction of the “Tribuna Antimperialista Jose Martí” in Havana. One morning I woke to the noise of cranes, big trucks and ground diggers to find that my childhood park was getting completely destroyed to build “I don’t know what”! All I was able to […]